</p>Rome Pays Off is a fashion brand that lives at the crossroads of art and culture and celebrates individual style. Born in New York City and deeply rooted in the city’s creative community, Rome Pays Off collaborates with culturally relevant artists to imagine and translate artworks on items that challenge the ordinary, penetrate the humdrum, and spark conversation.</p>

</p>Distinctive and bold, our statement-making pieces—alternately conspicuous and subversive— transport you into the world of a select few. Iconic all-over-print hoodies, bespoke graphic dresses, eclectic tees, and eye-catching accessories are conceived of and executed in small editions. They are a shorthand for the iconoclast, the fashion conscious, and, as they say in Rome, i cognoscenti. Take note. </p>

<p>Roman-in-Chief Christina Burns has been at the forefront of art and design for two decades editing collections in print that include works by Dior, Cartier, Versace, Elliott Erwitt, Russell James, Matthew Rolston, and Mark Seliger. She brings a perspective on streetwear that is refreshingly her own, and a killer fashion sense. Although she can play Atari like a champ, her interests and passions include mining New York City for the vintage and novel, and searching out soul-enhancing encounters with art, design, fashion, tequila, and friends.<p>