Before Rome Pays Off, I made a career as a book editor and then as a producer of coffee table books that focused primarily on photography subjects. Producing a book from scratch usually takes years, although with some projects I’ve also managed to do it in as little as four months. The time at home during the quarantine has been beneficial since it gave me more time to focus on a photography book by Stewart Shining, a particularly well-coifed and very talented, seasoned photographer with a wicked sense of humor.

Stewart has been-there-done-that but through all his myriad successes, he’s never published his own book. His first book will be the remarkable visual storytelling of his world-famous muse and their close friendship that has spanned over twenty years.

In March, our art director Vincent Gagliostro flew from Paris to LA to spend ten days working with Stewart side-by-side, only to have that trip cut short when flights to Europe were being cancelled and the border essentially closed down. Vincent used his time wisely with his old friend Stewart, and the art direction was well on its way including the color palette and tone of the book, and he nailed a cover design.

We then did the final edit on the image selection and the pacing of those photos via video conference 2–3 times a week. There is lots of fun and sexy energy throughout the layout. The book is the antithesis of the energy outside my window in downtown NYC, which is slowly getting some life after so many months in hibernation.

The book was originally scheduled to be published this fall but since we plan to print in Italy, we realized by early March that it wasn’t going to happen this year. Spring 2021 is our new release date (fingers crossed there are no further delays). It will be worth the wait if you are an admirer of gorgeous photography, one famous beauty, and have an appreciation for a gorgeously printed art book. 

More details to come over the next few months.




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